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Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?

GA has helped a number of organisations develop a Disaster Recovery Plan or Business Continuity Plan. This process looks at your office, communications, staff and of course IT systems - and can be provided at an affordable cost.

Survey of Types of Business Disaster

  • What would you do if your office was unusable due to fire?
  • How long would you want your business to be out of action? 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week?
  • Where would your staff go?
  • How would customers & suppliers get hold of you?

If you do not have a plan in place then you are unlikely to be anywhere close to your target recovery time – and many businesses go bust when they are unable to trade for a number of days or weeks as a result of fire.

Our Disaster Recovery planning process typically involves 3 days of our time for a business of up to 25 staff. For 25-100 staff this may increase to 5 days of consultancy time. We work with you to develop a pragmatic plan which is proportionate to your budget – and the exercise includes basic disaster recovery testing and a staff awareness session, which we can repeat on an annual basis if required.

The Orion Farming Group is a farmer owned and controlled agricultural buying group whose main aim is to provide a high quality, low cost procurement service to its members.

Orion has a combined membership of over 330 farming businesses, spread across the Home and Southern counties and into the South West of England.

With membership turnover in excess of £44 million the Group is able to negotiate with key national and local suppliers, in order to offer members competitively priced inputs at an affordable administrative charge.

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The trustees of the Orion Farming Group decided that the business had reached such a significant turnover that their Disaster Recovery Plans should be reviewed. GA were appointed and, after an initial meeting with senior management, assessed the IT systems as well as appointing a decision-making unit for the day of a disaster, identifying a potential alternative office for staff should it be required, reviewing other equipment, paper-based systems, phones and other telecommunications.

DR Project Approach How we would go about helping you - click here to download further information about our Project Approach to Disaster Recovery Planning.

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