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What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is described as business collaboration software, but what does that mean?

Example Sharepoint Screen - Employees page from intranet

Sharepoint is a web-based framework that allows you to do many things including:

  • Document Management
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Control your business processes using workflow
  • Tracking of tasks, projects
  • Management of lists, issues, activities
  • ... and anything else you wish to track

The screenshot to the left is an example page from an intranet showing staff details. The screenshot below shows an example document management system.

With Sharepoint you can build your own web-based collaboration site, intranet or extranet and track anything that is useful to your business.

What do you want to track on your intranet?

Our clients have used Sharepoint to create the following web-based applications for their businesses:

  • Document Management: check in/out, history, approvals, workflows
  • Asset tracking: a database of IT equipment including item numbers, descriptions, locations, ownership, cost etc
  • Track project issues: task numbers, descriptions, statuses, allocation - and you can simply add other fields that you wish to record
  • Contact management: slightly looser than a formal CRM system - but cheaper and more flexible - Sharepoint allows you to track contacts
  • Expenses: template expense form, workflow for expenses submission, approvals process

Example Sharepoint Screen - Document Management

Our Services

We are the leading provider of Sharepoint services in our sector. We can help with the architecture of your intranet or document management system and we can help with installation, configuration, customisation and training. Typically a Sharepoint project includes an element of knowledge transfer so that, by the end of the project, your teams are able to maintain their areas of the company intranet themselves.

We have delivered the following intranet and document management projects for our clients:

CACHE – Council for Awards In Care Health And Education (
We have provided a corporate intranet for CACHE named "CACHEpoint". The intranet, developed in Microsoft Sharepoint, allows staff to collaborate on documents, project tasks, best practice information, room & equipment reservations and supplies. Following setup of the intranet framework all of the content & images for the intranet has been provided by the teams at CACHE under guidance from Gordon Associates with a view to ultimately transferring ownership to the client. The project is being rolled out on a department by department basis, which allows momentum to build smoothly.

Retail Marketing Group (
Document management portal for a team of approx. 300 field sales representatives to submit customer visit reports and track marketing effectiveness.

Macmillan Publishers (
Intranet solution for management of third party rights and related royalty payments.

Project Approach - click here for further information about our approach to Sharepoint projects.

Example intranet screens

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