Business Dashboards

Business Dashboards and Management Information Reporting

Click here to see some eye-catching animated charts

Information is an important resource. You need up-to-date information to help make management decisions to drive your business forward, but can you get that data out of your current systems?

GA can help you retrieve information from different software applications into a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that presents the key information that is specific to your business.

Our consultant will work with you to understand your key drivers and will then select the best tool to present that information. The software product that we select to present your dashboard will depend on the type & volume of data that you need to see - and of course your budget. For quick, simple dashboards it is difficult to beat the power of Excel; for large volumes of data we may suggest a data warehousing tool; if you would like information displayed on an intranet then we may recommend a web design tool such as Sharepoint.

And finally if you would like to present impressive animated charts to colleagues or clients, we are a distributor for Swiff charts. Click on the link below to see examples of the eye-catching, moving charts that we can provide for you.

Click here to see some eye-catching animated charts

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