Square1 is a software product for Managing Grain Storage and Grain Drying. You need software that is simple and quick to use, which allows you to get on with your real work, especially at harvest time. You need to be able to track grain store movements quickly and efficiently - and know how much to charge your customers and partners at the end of the month.


Square1 has been designed by farmers and in collaboration with agricultural merchants, Armstrong Richardson ( The system supports the management of grain stores and grain dryers and allows you to:

  • Track wet grain led in and calculate dry weights
  • Manage sales and transfers of grain in store
  • Track all loads out
  • Keep track of what is/was in the store at any point in time
  • Process charges for storage and drying of all grain types
  • Record one-off public weighs of vehicles & associated charges

Each transaction is managed by a straightforward ticket numbering system and this provides full traceability. The sophisticated yet simple-to-use reporting functions of Square1 allow you to see all movements by customer, print a breakdown of charges for each customer and much more.

Prices are based on a monthly license fee per user which includes support and telephone guidance whenever required. There is a one off installation & training fee. Square1 can also be customised to your way of working and can be easily extended if you require, for example linking to weighbridges.

What Our Customers Say ...


“We were looking for some software to help us with tracking all our grain store movements and charges, but any other systems were either too expensive or too complicated to use. We went for Square1 and we love it. It’s nice and simple - and does everything we need.”

Steve Dawson, Dawson Farms, Swainby, North Yorkshire

Contact us if you would like to be put in touch with Steve or any of the other users of Square1 for a reference. See contact details below.

Our Farming Industry Experience ...

Gordon Associates has been providing software to the farming industry for over 10 years. In this time we have supplied Square1 to a large number of farming businesses all over the country and more recently we have been appointed as the supplier of a large-scale business management system to the Orion Farming group.

The Orion Farming Group is a farmer owned and controlled agricultural buying group whose main aim is to provide a high quality, low cost procurement service to its members. Orion has a combined membership of over 330, spread across the Home and Southern counties and into the South West of England. With membership turnover in excess of £44 million the Group is able to negotiate with key national and local suppliers, in order to offer members competitively priced inputs at an affordable administrative charge.

Further Information

For further information please email Rod Gordon at
or call on 01242 529820.
To print our Square1 pdf leaflet click here.

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