Parnassus is a portal-style awarding organisation management system which fully embraces QCF whilst still supporting NQF and non-accredited qualifications.

Parnassus supports the core business functions of an awarding organisation: qualification management, register of centres, learner registration, entry of achievement through to certification. Customers can also purchase optional additional modules to support exams management, finance and links to eAssessment, LRS/PLR and other systems.

Parnassus is a portal-style solution, which can be hosted on a web server or installed on an awarding organisation’s internal servers. As a portal, Parnassus can be used by internal staff and any function can also be made available to centres, EV’s, examiners and other external users – even learners.

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Software for managing grain storage and grain drying. Square1 has been designed by farmers along with agricultural merchants, Armstrong Richardson ( The system supports the management of grain stores and grain dryers and allows you to:

  • Track wet grain led in and calculate dry weights
  • Manage sales and transfers of grain in store
  • Track all loads out
  • Keep track of what is/was in the store at any point in time
  • Process charges for storage and drying of all grain types
  • Record one-off public weighs of vehicles & associated charges

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Barometer of Trade

The Barometer of Trade is an online tool for collecting monthly figures from your members and collating them into a comprehensive online report which shows the market trends across your industry.

Your members can compare their own figures with their peers and analyse the trends in the market as a whole. This allows them to see what is affecting areas of their business in order to take corrective action – and identify other opportunities which they might be able to exploit.

The Barometer of Trade provides you with an overview of the industry as a whole – with the ability to assess economic activity by region or by business sector.

Iain Wylie, CEO of the UK Garden Centre Association, says: ”The Barometer of Trade is an invaluable tool which enables us to pool knowledge across our members, assess market trends and measure economic activity across the industry. The monthly reports help members to improve their own business performance – and the information also provides hard evidence to support our case when lobbying government to make changes that will benefit our industry.”

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Calypso is a web-based time recording and invoicing system that allows an agency or consultancy firm to manage billable time on a variety of clients and contracts. As a web-based solution it enables staff to enter their time from home, on-site or in the office. Functions include:

  • Clients and their contracts
  • Consultants and the clients/contracts that they are assigned to
  • Submission of time
  • Automatic generation of invoices - from consultants and to end-client


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Matterhorn makes sure that the right policy and procedure documents get to the right members of staff – and ensures that they are accountable by requesting sign-off, whilst providing a fully auditable record of the whole process. System highlights include:

  • Recognise and resolve knowledge gaps
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies and the cost of compliance
  • Avoid compliance failures arising from lack of policy awareness
  • Demonstrate best practice and rigorous governance
  • Minimise the risk of reputational damage and regulatory fines
  • React quickly to regulatory changes

Matterhorn helps you to create, update, manage and communicate policies in a framework that also provides comprehensive audit and reporting. Matterhorn delivers a cost-effective policy and compliance portal.

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  • Awarding body portal
  • Quals, centres, learners
  • QCF and non-QCF
  • Grain store software
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Manage transfers
Barometer of Trade
  • Market Insights
  • Industry Trends
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Time recording web app
  • Clients, contracts, staff
  • Automated invoicing
  • Policy and Compliance Portal
  • Knowledge management
  • Maintain best practice
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