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Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan are one of the UK's major publishers with authors such as Wilbur Smith, Jeffrey Archer, Douglas Adams, Ian Fleming. Gordon Associates worked with the Royalties Department on the design and development of a new system for the definition and management of book rights, the administration of sub-contracted third party rights (subrights) and related financial transactions such as royalties to Macmillan from third parties, royalties to authors from Macmillan, invoicing of subrights and chasing of payments. The system was provided in the form of a web-based intranet so that all staff across the business could access the information if required.

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Gordon Associates has completed a Microsoft CRM prototyping project for Pearson's subsidiary, EdExcel, which focussed on the sales and marketing requirements of the Work Based Learning Team. This pilot project is designed as a forerunner to a subsequent rollout to over 250 staff across the other marketing departments of EdExcel and will allow the organisation to assess Microsoft CRM’s capabilities for handling customer contact information, communications with customers (centres), marketing campaign management, integration with telephone system – and much more besides.

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Cooper Clegg

Gordon Associates has recently completed a barcoding project for the printing company, Cooper Clegg, who print some of the major UK magazines such as Elle, Empire, Easy Living, FHM, Vanity Fair, Thomson holiday brochures, British Airways in-flight magazines. The project has integrated a number of the printing processes via a unique barcoding system, which allows improved traceability from the loading of magazines onto pallets, through the consolidation of pallets into consignments, to the delivery of consignments to warehouses and shops across the country.

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That's Rights Online

GA and JDC Software have formed a joint venture to produce an online rights management system for publishers selling rights. The system is sold on a rental basis - also known as Software As A Service (SaaS) - from £50 per user per month depending on volume of titles and users. That's Rights Online is completely web-based which allows you to access your rights information from anywhere in the world. That's Rights! is used by publishers and agents in: Australia • Belgium • Canada • Egypt • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Ireland • Italy • Netherlands • Norway • Serbia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • United Kingdom • United States.

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