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Orchid Cellmark

Major job tracking and customer contact management for approximately 30 users. The system supports Orchid's entire business process which provides DNA tests for a wide variety of private and public clients.

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Akzo Nobel

Pharmaceutical Integration of ORACLE-based enterprise application with scheduling package using Visual Basic, Visual C++ and BusinessBus messaging and integration software. Intervet are a subsidiary of the Akzo Nobel chemicals and pharmaceuticals corporation. The Intervet group is made up of twelve pharmaceutical companies around the world, producing animal vaccines. Intervet have developed an in-house enterprise application which covers finance, logistics and manufacturing. The system is based on an Oracle database. Intervet have recently installed the Tempo scheduling system which is a Windows based application and they selected BusinessBus as the integration framework to allow the two systems to transfer production orders, scheduling parameters and planned orders.

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Astra Zeneca

DNA testing central quality assessment system. A number of participating companies submit results of tests for statistical correlation with the primary output being a large report with graphical comparisons of standard deviation, mean etc.

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