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Huntleigh Healthcare

Huntleigh Healthcare have a number of sales offices around the world and wanted to provide a web site for their customers – in their native languages (e.g. English, German, Chinese etc). The web site needed to present these customers with a consistent corporate image based on a centralised product structure. This completely web-based application allows internal users in each country to define product groupings, exhibitions, news and events specific to their market, but also based on the corporate structure in a central SQL Server database located in the UK.

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Gordon Associates has completed a sophisticated contact management system at Onsite, an industrial cleaning group that provides services to organisations such as BASF, Severn Trent, Thames Water and many more. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is the latest component of the MiDAS enterprise management system which supports the business of a number of companies in the group. In addition to holding customer contact information, the CRM module allows users to track sales activities including phone calls, sales visits and emails, letters and other documents sent to the customer or received from the customer.

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Astra Zeneca, Fine Chemicals Division

Integration of SAP production management systems with plant devices and systems for the upload of material consumptions, material productions, equipment breakages etc. Also a data warehouse was supplied for the detailed investigation of production figures for each month, each batch etc.

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On a sub-contract basis to LiWright, Gordon Associates provided IT support for a freight administration database for the Sony group. The system imported data regarding shipments into the UK from manufacturing bases around the world and provided stock information for the UK operation.

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Krone, now part of Tyco Electronics, are a telecommunications equipment manufacturer and operate a large number of different systems across the business. Krone needed a way of pulling the key information together from each area to provide a "business dashboard" for strategic management decisions. GA provided a data warehouse of all orders, product information, budgets and forecasts with reporting tools that allowed staff to analyse the data in different ways such as comparing sales forecasts against actuals.

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Pilkington Glass

Integration of central SAP R/3 business system with SQL Server/VB manufacturing systems in 12 plants around Europe. An important feature of the project was the installation and configuration of a dual server with hot failover: the systems primary server was in fact two servers running exact duplicates of the system from a shared, mirrored hard disk. The system is running on one server with the second server continuously monitoring. If the first server crashes, the second server automatically assumes it’s network address, starts up the system and takes over all services – within 60 seconds of the crash.

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Linpac Packaging Corporation

An extension to a previous administration and management system, the system delivers capacity planning for three sites in this large packaging group. The system enables users to instantly analyse current workload against available capacity and quote accurate delivery dates to their customers. The system includes powerful ‘what-if’ analysis tools to model demand and loading of potential orders.

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